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Dongguan Zhongshuo Electronics Co., Ltd. In order to produce high quality products, we have introduced advanced automatic carbon thick film printing production lines from Germany and France.

Nowadays, in order to ensure that products of high precision, high stability, once again to purchase from our company value output linear repair equipment and to develop the abrasion resistance, heat resistance, resistance to drift small carbon thick film materials and successfully developed more than Europe and the United States advanced metal brush craft (brush: wear-resisting degree high/pressure stability), to ensure that the sensor/resistance potentiometer products output linearity of + / - 0.03% (Line). At present, our sensors, encoders, potentiometers, whether rotary (contact)/ non-contact (Hall), linear (contact/Hall) are far more than the developed countries in Europe and the United States products.

At present, the performance-price ratio of sensor, encoder and potentiometer in our company is far superior to that of developed countries in Europe and America, whether it is rotary (contact) / non-contact (Hall) or linear (contact/Hall).

In 1998, the Group invested HK$3.8 million to establish a 15,000 square metre garden factory in Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, with more than 500 employees. Along the way, the company adheres to rigorous process management and perfect post-sale service.

ISO9002 quality management system was introduced in 1998, and automated production was started in 2002, which greatly improved the production capacity. In 2004, German technology was introduced, conductive plastic sensors and non-contact sensors were successfully developed. All these were welcomed by our customers.

In 2005-2006, the environmental protection and non-toxic system was established to ensure that all products meet the standard of green environmental protection. In 2007, the existing products were optimized in structure and performance, which received recognition and appreciation. In 2009-2010, the company re-integrated and upgraded its quality management system, and achieved a direct production line rate of more than 99%. Through nearly 20 years of hard work and development, in early March 2016, some of key high-end products were successfully listed as the preferred important sensor supplier by the National Spark Program. Since then, our products have proudly advanced into another field, and have won many honors.

Our main products are: high precision plastic sensor, Hall induction sensor, magnetic encoder, logic switch and potentiometer. Products in the field of technology and production have become industry leaders. At present, the main customer groups are military defense/aerospace/medical equipment/ship ocean/remote monitoring/industrial UAV remote control/AI automation and other fields. Our company has rich experience in dealing with the temperature, humidity, low pressure and protection level of high-end products. Some of our high-end "military defense" products have been reliably tested and certified by the third-party authority of our country. The main advantages of our high-end products are stable performance, short delivery time, affordable price, and flexible customization of "parameters, sizes" of high-end products.

At present, our fixed assets have exceeded RMB 80 million, with annual turnover reaching RMB120 million and growing steadily every year. To build China's top brand, highlight the strength of our country in a win-win situation, we look forward to working with you closely and marching forward together.

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